Rachelle Salvadora

I'm a PHP Web Developer - Laravel 5 / Wordpress
Currently looking for a new role!

I'm a Melbourne based and currently working for Code For Australia in a Fellowship program, but will be shortly finishing up!

I'm also a freelance photographer in my free time, so checkout my portfolio: rachellesphotography.com!

Also feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or Email Me! to get my resume + more details!

Snippet from my Code For Australia Profile

Government Partner: Department of Health and Human Services

Rachelle has been coding for four years now, after running away from the advertising world. One of the courses she completed with an outstanding score was a Computer Science course at Harvard Extension School.

Outside being a web developer, Rachelle is a wife, a drummer, a backyard gardener, easy going, and someone who’s interested in photography and learning a few different things.

Having volunteered in a few other not for profit organisations like Australian Marriage Equality and Enable Development, Rachelle is motivated to use her knowledge and expertise for a better purpose.

You can find her at tech related meet ups and gaming events.