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An aspiring web developer based in Melbourne, Australia
with her husband and two baby Yoshi dragons (a Super Mario character).

I'm having a lot of fun playing around the tools and techniques, writing websites through different languages and pushing changes in git.

I am using variety of applications and extensions, and applying frameworks and learning CMS that I discover around around the internet.

Although I am more into front-end, I also try to be competent on the back-end.

"Challenging but definitely doable."

You can view my certified certificate here:

CS50 Certificate

Verified link

I challenged myself to express art in code. It was HTML and CSS at first. Then I realize there's so much more to it. With my eagerness to learn it deeply I took different courses from variety of online school around the internet. I learn something new from time to time but the most rewarding was Harvard's CS50 Intro to Computer Science.

Check the link on the right. It has the Signature of the Senior lecturer on Computer Science of Harvard University, David Malan and Huntington D. Lambert, Dean of Harvard Extension School.

My Better half

I dedicate this part of my website to my husband. You can skip this part or whatever but if you feel like getting to know more about me you can click the arrow on the left or right.

This is the link to his website: giolliano.com

He is the sun to my sky.

I learn how to bake, how to code, sql, command line etc. I also learn how to use iMovie and other editing tools so I made this.

The Apple of my eye.

I love doing stuff for him like cooking and make websites. They say that you can make websites for whatever it is about just to practice your skill. Yup, I'm learning.

Get In Touch

I like recieving messages so feel free to contact me anywhere.