Hi, I'm Rachelle Salvadora

I am for the most part a self taught web developer.
My partner is a full time web developer and I've managed to learn a lot off him after completing an introductory computer science course offered by harvard, CS50.

I'm hoping to become a full time web developer soon as well
I'm originally from Philippines but currently living in Melbourne, Australia with my husband.
More about me can be found below, thanks for reading !

Please checkout my blog ! A lot of content on there !

What technologies / development tools do I know and use ?

I'm currently playing with a few key technologies / development right now and hopefully will get the opportunity to learn more.
Technologies I'm familiar with are below :


  • Sublime Text 3
  • Sequel Pro
  • Codekit
  • MAMP
  • Sourcetree


  • Jira
  • Git
  • Gitlab
  • Wordpress


  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SASS
  • Bourbon.io
  • Susy

CS50 - Intro to Computer Science | HarvardX

'Demanding, but definitely dobale. Social, but educational. A socused topic, but bradly applicable skills. CS50 is the quintessential Harvard course'

CS50 was an Introduction to Computer Science MOOC offered through Harvard University through edX. The course was designed to teach studnets how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.

There were multiple ways to take the course, I chose the Certified Harvard CS50 Certificate.

I came from not knowing any coding language, never touching a code editor in my life, to c3reating for loops, if statements, variables in C, PHP, JavaScript and even making web pages using SQL / CSS and HTML.

Almost everyone are going crazy about it but only 1% of enrolees was able to complete the course.
Source: https://blog.cs50.net/
CS50 is being offered again late 2014 and 2015 as far as I know. It's a great stepping stone for anyone who wants to get serious with Computer Science.

You can view my certified certificate here: CS50 Certificate
Verified link

My Partner

g and r

His name is Giolliano Sulit, he's my other half.
He's works as a Web Developer full time working in Melbourne, Australia.
Pretty much my main influence on tech tuff.

We're doing it long distance right now, but it's only temporary.
We're married now and living together in Melbourne!

We've got a blog together, you can read more about us there.


So heres what I was doing, I've done in the past two years